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Tools Version Description
Art-Decor Art-Decor is a tool for CDA Authoring
Demographic Data Server Offers web services to Demographic Data Server
Gazelle Security Suite PKI, TLS Simulators, syslog, and ATNA Questionnaire
Assertion Provider 1.2.0 Access to Gazelle validation services
XDS Testing 7.2.8 XDSTools
Gazelle HL7 Validator Access to Gazelle HL7 Validator
Patient Manager Access to Patient Manager
Schematron Validator Offers web services to validate HL7 CDA documents
XDStarClient Emulates the initiating actors of the XD* profiles (XDS.b, XCPD, XDR, XCA, DSUB ...)
Proxy Capture the messages exchanged between two systems under test
Assertion Manager Assertion Manager tool is used to stored the requirements on which the tests and tools are based. It also allows the linkage between tests, steps, validators and requirements.
SVSSimulator The Gazelle SVS Simulator, sharing Value Sets
EVSClient Access to Gazelle validation services
Gazelle The Gazelle Test Management Test Bed
Single Sign On login (SSO) SSO
Platform Support Version Description
Helpdesk JIRA Helpdesk ticketing software
Documentation Version Description
Tools User Guides Documentation
Interoperability specifications 1.1 Ireland Interoperability specifications