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Support Tools Version Status Description
Proxy Man in the middle: captures the messages exchanged between two systems and forwards them to the validation service front-end.
Assertion Manager Gui Assertion Manager tool is used to stored the requirements on which the tests and tools are based. It also allows the linkage between tests, steps, validators and requirements.
Demographic Data Server DDS generates fake (but consistent) patient demographics for a large set of countries, user and webservice interface available.
SVS Simulator Emulates the actors defined by the SVS profile. It is also used as a value set repository for the simulators.
Gazelle STS Access to Gazelle STS webservice.
Test Tools Version Status Description
Gazelle HL7 Validator Offers web services to validate HL7v2.x and HL7v3 messages exchanged in the context of IHE.
Gazelle Test Management Gazelle Test Management Test Bed is the application used to manage the connectathon process, from registration through pre-Connectathon & Connectathon testing, until the generation of the test report.
Schematron Validator Offers web services to validate XML messages exchanged in the context of IHE using schematrons.
XDStarClient Emulates the initiating actors of the XD* profiles (XDS.b, XCPD, XDR, XCA, DSUB ...).
XDS Testing Access to XDSTools.
Gazelle Security Suite Fusion of the PKI and TLS simulator, Gazelle Security Suite (GSS) gathers a set of tools dedicated to security aspect testing.
EVS Client The EVSClient is a front-end which allows the user to use the external validation services from a user-friendly interface instead of the raw web service offered by the Gazelle tools.
Art Decor Access to Art Decor.
Patient Manager Emulates the actors defined in the PAM, PDQ/PDQV3, PIX/PIXV3 profiles and the SWF/ADT actor.


Tools Status Description
Single Sign On login (SSO) Access to Gazelle SSO.
Platform Support Status Description
Helpdesk Access to JIRA Helpdesk ticketing software.
Documentation Status Description
Ireland Interoperability specifications Interoperability specifications
Tools User Guides Access to tools documentation.