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IPIMIPIM-019to be reviewedTestable 0 1 In messages conforming to an IHE Transaction using HL7 v2.5 and later, field MSH-21-Message Profile Identifier SHOULD contains one field repetition with a value representing the IHE transaction identifier, in the form ITI21^IHE. 16Section 57/8/20 10:56:11 AM by sryan
IPSIPS-001to be reviewedTestable 0 0 Requirements of the HL7 Clinical Document Architecture Release 2 (CDA R2) SHALL apply to clinical documents used for building the Friendly PS Document (aggregate PS).12Section 37/8/20 10:57:20 AM by sryan
ISPSISPS-001to be reviewedTestable 1 0 The Encounter SummariesSource and Discharge Summaries Source actors shall be grouped with the Patient Identity Source and Identifier Cross-Reference Consumer Use Case actor from the Patient Identification Management Core Interoperability Specifications. 10Section 2.4.17/8/20 10:43:31 AM by sryan
IXDSIXDS-001to be reviewedTestable 2 0 The XDS Profile Patient Identity Source Actor shall be grouped with the Patient Demographic Supplier Actor (IHI Register) of the Patient Identity Management Interoperability Specification (IPIM). 9Section 3.17/8/20 12:38:41 PM by sryan
SandPSandP-001to be reviewedTestable 1 0 The Irish eHealth Infrastructure Time Server Actor SHALL implement the IHE CT Time Server Actor.9Section 3.1.17/8/20 10:56:50 AM by sryan