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System Under Test

System's name
Patient Manager
Configuration's name
Gazelle PIX Manager

Assigning Authorities

Select below the assigning authorities from which your system under test will receive patient identifiers
Available assigning authorities

&1.2.372.980010.1.2&ISO (PI)
&1.2.372.980010.1.3.FR&ISO (PI)
&1.2.372.980010.1.4.FR&ISO (PI)
&1.2.372.980010.1.2&ISO (PI)
&1.2.372.980010.1.2&ISO 8888887B (PI)
BE& (PI)
FR& (PI)
& (null)
& (null)
& (null)
& (null)
& (null)
Selected assigning authorities

&1.2.372.980010.1.1&ISO (PI)

Preferred message

Select below the preferred message to feed your system with connectathon's demographics